Nursing Job Listings

International nursing job listings- Your skills as a health care professional are in demand as more and more jobs become available nationwide. Yet, finding the right position takes more than just surfing the internet, answering ads or sending out resumes. It takes the support of an employment specialist who has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to help you find the right opportunity.

We were founded on the premise of providing ethical, efficient and highly personalized healthcare recruiting services to each employer and client/employee that we service

We satisfy both prospects and employers this by offering innovative recruiting solutions and quality service to everyone we work with.

International Nursing and Healthcare Workers:Nclex, cgfns, visa screen, Ielts, Toefl, Registered Nurse, ICU Nurse, CCU Nurse, Emergency Room Nurses, Med Surgery, Operating Room Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Oncology, PICU, NICU, Cath lab, Telemetry.

The use of internationally-trained nurses to supplement local talent pools of RNs is just beginning to re-emerge in the USA. Therefore, our current requirements for international nurses are as follows:
NCLEX passer
IELTS passer
Possess at least one U.S. state license-preferred
Possess a U.S. visa priority date from 2005-2010
Recent hospital or bedside care experience
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will connect you with the job listings opportunity that is the right fit for you – the right geographical location, the right professional challenge, the right working environment and the right compensation and benefit package.

Many boutique recruitment businesses have gone out of business during the Great recession, however Connetics USA has flourished and grown and this is entirely due to our 100% customer focus-whether in finding our candidates their perfect job, or in meeting a client’s requirement to recruit talented nursing professionals within a specific time frame for their most challenging positions.