International Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals

Your skills as a health care professional are in demand in the USA as more and more jobs become available nationwide. Yet, finding the right position takes more than just surfing the internet, answering ads or sending out resumes. International Nurse Jobs In USA Now!

Connetics Healthcare has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to help you find the right opportunity.

We have several opportunities available for International nurses and therapists (physical and occupational therapists) from all over the world – Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Middle East, the Philippines, Nepal and India – exploring career options in the United States.

We have helped hundreds of foreign professionals settle in the U.S. and fulfill their dreams. We are an expert in international recruitment and employ a staff dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process.

We are looking for International Registered Nurses in the following fields for Nursing positions in the USA: ICU, CCY, Emergency Room Nurses, Pediatric Nurses, Oncology Nurses, PICU, NICU, Laboratory Nurses, and Telemetry Nurses. If you have any of these select skills, please contact us for placement in United States Healthcare facilities

In addition, Connetics was founded by immigrants, so our process involves a unique combination of cultural transitions orientation as well as personalized, continuous support to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

If you are an “abandoned nurse” who has a current priority date we can assist you !

Whether you are a new grad, experienced nurse, nurse practitioner or are in management, Connetics will find the position that is right for you.

Our highly trained employment specialists work exclusively with health care professionals like you every day. We have a clear understanding of the diverse clinical qualifications of each specialty and are sensitive to your unique requirements.

Individualized service – You will be assigned to one employment specialist who will work closely with you to understand your individual needs.

No cost – At no cost to you, we will connect you with the job opportunity that is the right fit for you – the right geographical location, the right professional challenge and top compensation and benefit packages.


The use of internationally-trained nurses to supplement local talent pools of RNs is just beginning to re-emerge in the USA. Therefore, our current requirements for international nurses are as follows:
NCLEX passer
IELTS passer
Possess at least one U.S. state license-preferred
Possess a U.S. visa priority date from 2005-2010
Recent hospital or bedside care experience

Your employment specialist will provide you with detailed information on each opportunity and will support you throughout the entire hiring process.

In addition, your Connetics employment specialist will provide you with immigration and licensure expertise and relocation assistance.

We have a unique transition program called the RELI program:

  • R – relocation assistance
  • E – employment
  • L – licensing (nclex, cgfns, ces, ielts and visa screen)
  • I – immigration

Connetics Healthcare is affiliated with some of the top healthcare facilities across the United States. We offer unlimited opportunities targeted for exceptional career and personal growth. We are proud of our excellent reputation for helping healthcare professionals reach their career goals by placing them in new and exciting positions.

International Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals