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6 Resume Features That Will Help You Get The RN Job Of Your Dreams

Even though there is a shortage of nurses in the US, you will still need to stand out from the crowd if you are wanting to find your ideal RN job.

You want to ensure you not only get interviews, but get interviews with the company you want.

Because your resume is the first impression potential employers will have of you, make it count.

There are many steps that go into creating a resume to make it stand out. As tedious and overwhelming as it may seem, it will pay off when you land your dream job!

Start by creating a basic template. You can research formats for nursing resumes and choose one you feel represents you.

Then combine your CV and cover letter into one PDF document to send as your resume package. Title each one with your name and the position you are applying to along with the company’s name.

From there, your resume must have each feature listed here:


  1. Compelling Cover Letter

    The cover letter is the most important part of your resume. Make sure you tailor the cover letter to include how you meet specific requirements to the job you are applying for.

  2. Pertinent Keywords

    Scan the job description for skills and requirements and ensure you include the required job skills that you have. Detail each with a real-life example of how you’ve utilized that skill in your experience.

    In addition to using keywords in your experience section, add them within your cover letter as well. Use the job description keywords to build sentences based on your experience.

    the balance” is a good website to find common nursing keywords you can use in your resume, cover letter, job applications and interview.

  3. Winning Personality

    Prove you not only have the education and experience, but also have great “bedside manners” through your cover letter. Add a little personality or even write a short,  heartwarming story about what brought you to nursing. Connect your story with a specific skill or qualification in the job description for even more impact.

  4. Skills & Qualifications

    List any skills and/or qualifications you have that are relevant to the job posting you are applying for. Make sure you add in any extra skills you may have that will put you above and beyond the competition.

  5. Showcased Experience

    List each relevant place of employment in the CV portion of your resume. Include the most current work experience first. Outline your experience in detail.

    You can do this as bullets but just make sure to include all tasks and duties you perform.

  6. Professional Online Profile

    Keep your online social media profiles professional. Make sure you have a professional photo to help gain the confidence of prospective employers.

    Don’t be shy, make connections, get testimonials and have people endorse your skills.

If your resume is not professionally done, it could end up being the only impression a prospective employer will have of you, which could be the reason for losing an interview opportunity.

Before submitting, ensure your resume is proofed and edited. Twice.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through; just remember to keep it professional.  You can easily tailor it to suit each job description you apply for.

And remember you can always work with a Recruiter to help you land the nursing job of your dreams. From reviewing your resume, to prepping you for the interview, a recruiter specializing in placing qualified RNs in US positions can help you get your dream job fast.

Good luck and happy job hunting!