Healthcare recruitment services-We specialize in the placement of Registered Nurses and Allied workers, Nursing services ,both domestic and international, throughout the USA.

For Nurses

Your skills as a health care professional are in demand as more and more jobs become available nationwide. Yet, finding the right position takes more than just surfing the internet, answering ads or sending out resumes. It takes the support of an employment specialist who has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to help you find the right opportunity.

Connetics Healthcare Nursing services will connect you with the job opportunity that is the right fit for you – the right geographical location, the right professional challenge,the right working environment and the right compensation and benefit package.

For Employers

We will assist in analyzing your specific healthcare nursing staffing needs and develop a cost effective plan to reduce your healthcare recruiting expenses and aggregate payroll costs. We are capable of managing your healthcare recruiting, as well as many of your human resource functions. We have the experience, systems, healthcare consultants and a history of success to effectively and efficiently recruit high quality nursing healthcare professionals. Our staff will dedicate all the time necessary to provide you with quality medical professionals so that you can spend your time ensuring quality care and better results for your clients.