For Employers

Connetics Healthcare offers:

Highly trained employment specialists
Friendly personalized service
Strong NATIONWIDE marketing campaign
Expansive Database of interested healthcare workers

These attributes have been responsible for our incredible growth and undeniable presence and success.

When we take your job order, we listen to your requirements and understand that your time is valuable. We take into consideration the corporate culture–the geographical location –the salary and benefit package.

All of these details make a road map and help us design a recruiting plan for each facilities job request.

We provide you with a shortlist of resumes we believe will best meet your needs, fit your corporate culture and can achieve your specific goals. These pre-screened, qualified candidates are interested in interviewing with you because they understand the opportunity and feel they can provide the skills you desire. You select the candidates best suited for your needs and our work continues until you are satisfied with a candidate and decide to hire.

Our fee is based on industry standards and we stand behind each candidate with our guarantee which assures you made the right decision. Time will be saved by eliminating your search through hundreds of resumes. Money will be saved by eliminating advertising costs, travelers, training costs, and high turnover rates.

Benefits of using our services:

Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake and we are specialists in matching the right people to the right companies!

Using client and candidate feedback, combined with market research, we have developed robust software and processes to significantly improve the efficiency of our recruitment processes. This consultative approach, known as our Match Program, details from start to finish how we select the right candidate for the right organization.

Three Phases of the unique Connetics Match program:

The Match Program includes three phases, which are customized to most effectively service your account.

Assessment – We profile your company to understand your business needs and determine how we will make your recruitment process more effective. We invest time and effort in understanding the client business and job specification, as well as the client objectives and long term outcomes associated with the position.

Sourcing and selection – Our professional recruiters identify the most qualified candidates through their extensive industry networks. We identify the technical and behavioral fit that will be a perfect match for your position.

Continual tracking – We continually track our performance and the performance of our employees to make sure you are continually satisfied with our service.

For Employers