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International Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professional Candidates

Your skills as a health care professional are in demand in the USA as more and more jobs become available nationwide. Yet, finding the right position takes more than just surfing the internet, answering ads or sending out resumes.

Connetics USA Healthcare has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to help Candidates find the right opportunity.
If you are an “abandoned nurse” who a current priority date we can assist you!

Top Five Points for Job Seeking Candidates

*Connetics USA has succeeded for over 10 years in niche-market recruiting. We have placed registered nurses is top acute care hospitals ,rehab and long term care facilities throughout the USA. We want to build continuing relationships with clients and job seekers, not just fill a specific one-time opportunity.
*We know about important positions that never appear on job boards.
*We have built a large database of the most sought-after staff nurses and management professionals in the US.
*We will coach you to present your qualifications and concerns properly and avoid common errors.
*Employers pay our fees, so we can focus on helping you further your career.

If you are a Nurse in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates Philippines, Nepal and India.

We are looking for Leaders, team builders and problem solvers and:
Nursing Candidates who embrace our mission and core values
Nursing Candidates who work with a passion for excellence and results
Nursing Candidates who take pride in their profession
Nursing Candidates who like to learn, to contribute and to achieve