Position: Senior Staff Firmware Engineer

Be part of the organization that is driving the evolution and expansion into cloud computing. Champion new methodologies and create scalable software solutions that help build next generation data centers. The ideal candidate demonstrates a deep I/O technical and implementation focus. Broad knowledge of and exposure to embedded systems, sever, networking or storage systems software development are essential for success in this role.

Essential to the role are the capability to design, develop and deliver Linux/ESX Network Systems Software and Kernel network drivers. Strong knowledge of Network stacks and subsystems on Linux/ESX is a must. The following are the required skills.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Ethernet NIC device drivers for Linux/ESX
  • Kernel modules, user space libraries for virtualized, high-performance/low-latency I/O, for servers OS/hypervisor

Successful candidates for this position will have:

  • PCIe sub-systems
  • Strong C coding and algorithm skills
  • Strong knowledge of Networking Stacks in Linux/ESX
  • Ethernet NIC device drivers
  • Storage virtualization and hypervisors knowledge
  • Data-center/edge networking features
  • High-performance/low-latency computing
  • Experience in kernel development
  • PCIe sub-systems or inter-connects, such as SR-IOV
  • Networking protocols, including L2 Ethernet switching and TCP/IP
  • Network device drivers development in Linux or ESX
  • Hypervisor or virtual machine monitor development, such as ESX, KVM, Xen, OVM
  • High performance and/or low latency I/O, such as RDMA, RoCE
  • Data center networking development, such as NetFlow, VxLAN, L2/L3 switching, NIV/802.1BR, QoS, SPAN/ERSPAN, ACL, tunneling, L4-L7 networking protocols or service

If you think you have the qualifications and the experience, please send your resume to tanya@conneticsusa.com