We are Industry benefits Experts in the data storage, networking and wireless domains and this means that the solutions we provide are “best practice”.  Our competitive advantage lies in our deep understanding of these technologies, coupled with a sophisticated network of relevant industry contacts.
We also have developed extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience in the international technical and engineering IT area and have successfully helped many United States and International database and  networking specialists find careers in companies throughout the USA and the World.  Contact us about benefits for employers and engineering candidates.

Benefits For Job Seekers
Connetics USA helps data storage and networking engineers find the right opportunity at the right time. As a specialist firm, we know the business. We have long-standing successful relationships with both established companies and executives and financial backers of venture funded startups. We use a proprietary 22-step match process to ensure that a job is right for you. We want you to trust us to respond to your needs and present new opportunities and benefits throughout your career.

Top Five Points Benefits for Job Seekers

  • Connetics USA has succeeded for over 10 years in niche-market recruiting. We have placed data storage and networking engineering professionals in many leading companies. We want to build continuing relationships with clients and job seekers, not just fill a specific one-time opportunity.
  • We know about important positions that never appear on job boards.
  • We have built a large database of the most sought-after engineering professionals in the US.
  • We will coach you to present your qualifications and concerns properly and avoid common errors.
  • Employers pay our fees, so we can focus on helping you further your career.