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Do you feel stuck and frustrated in your job search? Are you tired of hearing the same advice to get a nice suit, polish your resume, and network? These are the standard things you hear over and over again when it comes to searching for a job.

However, with a little creativity you can stand out and get noticed in a sea of job candidates. Here are some offbeat ways to find opportunities, sell yourself, and get the gig.

Connect with a company you admire. Dare to reach out to a company that excites you. Research to find the correct person and get their contact information. Read their Twitter feed, blog, and website to ask questions or share insights about a specific project they are involved in. Show how your skills, experience, and ideas fit into their current objectives and can add value. Use your passion and genuine interest to create a connection and show how you fit in.

Look in unexpected places like Craigslist, TweetMyJobs, or regional job sites for your city. For example, Craigslist features job listings by location and category. You can either click on the type of job or use the search feature. You can also search for part-time work, nonprofit jobs, contract positions, and telecommuting jobs on Craigslist. Be sure to check several times a week for any new job listings that get posted.

Post your resume online. The more places your resume is posted, the more exposure you will have. Best places to post your resume are at your college career center,, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can also post your resume on Craigslist. Best of all, many of these places will allow you to post your resume for free. Be sure to include relevant keywords in your resume. Many hiring managers and recruiters do searches online for resumes containing specific keywords.

Try temporary to permanent positions to get your foot in the door. If you can’t get into your dream job through the front door, try the back door. A temp agency can secure you a position in your field that could lead to a permanent position down the road.

Show your stuff – blog, tweet, and share social media tips to reveal your genius. Over 92% of companies are using social media to identify strong candidates who bring solid skills to the organization. Set yourself apart as a next level candidate by posting videos, blog posts, project examples, and success stories that show you are results driven and keep up with industry trends, knowledge, and technology. Post consistently with several updates a week.

Focus on quality, not quantity. Rather than thoughtlessly blasting out resumes, pay attention and really take time to respond to a few job listings that are a perfect match. Carefully read the job listing. Customize your cover letter by sharing the results you could achieve for them. Follow up. It’s far better to give a few job opportunities major attention then to mindlessly submitting resumes.

Advertise with Google AdWords or use a Facebook ad to grab the attention of a hiring manager or executive at a company you’d like to work for. Many people do vanity searches on their name. Then link the ad to your online resume and portfolio. That’s an unexpected way to grab the attention of your dream employer.

Help them for free. Point out a typo on the company website. Read the company’s blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages and share pointed advice that would improve a project they are working on. By pointing out challenges the company is dealing with and showing how you can solve these issues you’ll stand out. By giving first and sharing value, you can grab their attention leaving them wanting to know more.

Uncover hidden job opportunities by working with a recruiter. Many times a recruiter will have insider information about hidden job opportunities that are not posted publicly. Plus, a recruiter can coach you on exactly what the company is looking for to boost your chances of getting the job.

I hope these off-the-wall tactics give you some fresh ideas to re-energize your job hunting efforts. Being creative can give you an edge and get you noticed during your job search.