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Connetics Communications USA
3830 Valley Drive, Suite 865
San Diego, Ca 92130

Tel.: 858 523 9292
Fax.: 858 523 1362
Toll Free 1-800-742-1290


We specialize in recruiting mid to upper level engineers and management within the Data storage (including security and networking) and Wireless/Telecommunications domains. Since 2000 we have become industry experts and have learned that it is the combination of technical skill and business know-how that are critical in building a robust bottom line.

We started in 2000, at the height of the IT downturn, as our founders were passionate about finding a methodology to help source, recruit and retain top talent for leading companies. At that time there were an overwhelming amount of unqualified candidates on the market and therefore Connetics had to come up with a suitable technology to help connect and network with strong candidates. We have developed a unique sourcing and recruitment program which has in-depth levels of assessment and vetting of all candidates in our system.

Our main objective initially was to source top engineering talent for leaders in the data storage industry only. Over the last few years ,we have built up an excellent reputation of expertise in this domain, in terms of technical knowledge and networking. We have been able to find engineers and pursue passive talent that are not officially on the job market. In addition, we have arguably the largest database of data storage and security specific candidates in the USA.

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Connetics USA has the expertise to support you in every step of the human resources recruiting process. Our well-known professionalism is the key to establishing lasting relationships with our clients.

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With Connetics USA you have access to a wide range of stimulating career offers in your field. Our team of highly trained recruitment specialists offers the individualized, professional support you need to plan and develop your career.

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