Social Media Jobs

With the growth of social recruiting, using social media platforms is a necessary element of any job search. A social media job search doesn’t just broaden your job opportunity horizons, it also puts them into focus.

Social media job searches can enhance traditional job searches tremendously and are a great way to connect with potential employers.

Employers and recruitment agencies often use social media to find perfect candidates. By not utilizing social media to search for your perfect job, you might be missing the boat.

Take a look at these ways you can use social media to find the perfect job:

Get The Word Out

Using your Twitter or LinkedIn profiles are an excellent way to get the word out that you are searching for a job. Sending out a tweet or post can have a ripple effect, and you may discover your information gets out to a large audience quickly.

On Twitter, use hashtags like #Jobs, #Hiring or #Openings with your tweets to target those looking for qualified candidates. Additionally, do Twitter searches using those hashtags to find recent posts.

You never know who in the audience might be looking to hire someone that has your skills and qualifications.

Discover and Connect With Ideal Companies

Most every business has a social media profile. Seek out companies you are interested in, follow them and engage them in an online conversation.

Even if they are not currently hiring for a position suitable for you, they may keep your name in mind if you have reached out to them via social media.

Include Your “@info” On Your Resume

Don’t underestimate the importance of including your social media links on your resume.

Putting your Twitter handle, LinkedIn URL and any other professional social media platform link that you’ve used to showcase your skill and expertise can give you a huge advantage with an employer who is looking to explore your qualifications further.

Separate Personal From Professional

Having a social media profile is a lot of fun and an opportunity to share and connect with friends as well as business professionals. However, it is worthwhile to think about what it is you are sharing and whether or not it’s what you want a prospective employer to see.

It’s important to remember anything you post on social media is open to the public, so always be careful of how you represent your personal brand on your social profiles. Those first impressions from a prospective employer could make or break your chances of landing your next job.

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