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Connetics Communications

We are a boutique recruitment agency who works with engineers who are seeking the best job opportunities in today’s competitive marketplace .We only work with carefully selected clients ,who offer cutting edge technology ,top salaries and lots of career growth opportunities in high-demand industries. We specialize in communications engineers, database, wireless and networking mid and upper level placements

What separates our service from the competition is our custom screening process and because of this, engineers only receive job leads for their specific industry, job level, and salary range.  We also hand select our clients to be leaders in their industry with lots of growth potential.

Connetics Communications USA specializes in placing Data storage (including security and networking) and Wireless/Telecommunications professionals throughout the United States, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 firms to venture funded entrepreneurial startups. In little more than 10 years, this boutique-size recruiting agency has successfully completed over 300 executive assignments with nearly 100% retention. This achievement stems from long-term relationship building with employers and engineers alike.

Connetics uses a proprietary “white paper analysis” to augment each job description with all possible information not otherwise articulated, such as corporate culture and personality traits of candidates who most likely will succeed in the placement. Prior to Connetics’ starting its search, each employer reviews its white paper to make refinements, if necessary, thus creating a benchmark.

In addition to its analytical approach to developing comprehensive engineering job descriptions, Connetics has developed a unique, 22-step match process it uses to distinguish candidates for recruitment. Armed with a deep understanding of a job’s tangible as well as intangible requirements, and its candidate match process, Connetics has earned a stellar reputation for consistent speed, accuracy, and discretion in placements.

Connetics maintains strict confidentiality among its candidates and has developed arguably the largest proprietary database of active and passive storage and networking engineers in the United States. This allows it to find not just the first available candidate for any particular job, but the very best. Period. Connetics has strong relationships with the top 25 US engineering schools and approximately 32 percent of all Connetics placements come from them. Connetics is a contingency based permanent recruitment company, so the employers only pay the fees once the match has been made!

The experience and track record of Connetics senior staff helps employers recruit the human capital they require to meet – and exceed – their mutual business objectives.


Tanya Freedman is co-founder and Vice-President of Connetics, a specialty recruiting firm, dedicated to placing storage and networking professionals.  She has completed over 300 executive assignments in the past 10 years with almost 100% retention for companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial start-ups.   Her aim is to build solid long-term relationships with both clients and engineering professionals, ensuring that companies secure the best talent and candidates find the best positions.  She has become a reputable resource for clients and job-seekers a like based on trust, results, and fast action.  A 25-year veteran of the recruitment industry, employers look to Tanya because they know she understands the job description is only the starting point for successfully filling a position. She has developed and harnessed a unique recruitment strategy in terms of the “white paper benchmark “and 22-step Match process.  She meets every client in person so that she clearly understands both the technical skills and behavioral /cultural background required to connect the right employer with the right candidate for a lasting relationship. Engineers recognize Tanya`s commitment to their career advancement, and they appreciate and benefit from her professional expertise, personal candor and complete discretion. Having conducted thousands of interviews, she has learned, among other things, the biggest mistakes hiring managers make that cause them to hire the first candidate available, rather than the best. She knows how to help engineers calculate the smartest career trajectory to meet their personal and professional goals, and she shares industry secrets with both to assist in the process of connecting.

Tanya Freedman knows how to engineer your way to the top!

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa). Passionate about the latest recruitment technologies,
she was an early adopter of LinkedIn and other platforms such as Recruiteronlinenetwork.com.  She is a member of Women in Technology International (WITI) and sponsor of Society of Women Engineers.

Jaime Carpenter

Jaime Carpenter is currently Recruitment Director at Connetics, a boutique job placement firm focused on networking and storage engineers. With over ten years of experience as a senior technical recruiter, she is currently working on strategies to recruit and select top candidates. She has made hundreds of placements and her sendout to job ratio as well as her fill rate is in the top 5% in the recruiting industry. Before joining Connectics, she worked at Strategic Data Systems (an IT solutions provider) and at Kelly Engineering Resources. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Diego State University.

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