Summer is in full swing and so is the job market. With the hottest months of the year can come the hottest employment opportunities for those seeking jobs at home or abroad.

Here we look at 4 important steps for finding the right (next) job.

Where To Look For The Right Job

There are no shortage of job listing sites out there. How do you know which to trust?

According to a recent evaluation by review.com your best bets for finding that ideal job are:


  • This site has gained a lot of ground recently because it not only features jobs but salaries, reviews from current employees, and much more. For those who like to read up on a company before committing to applying this site is an ideal resource.


  • Much less content heavy but far easier to use this job seeker site has crushed the competition by keeping their job listings bare and to the point. This site is the current juggernaut of job sites.


  • This well known site is the largest network and the most useful in terms of having your own professional online presence. Even while using other sites to find work you can keep your Linkedin current so after you do apply the business can use that profile to help evaluate you.


Prepare Your Resume

As mentioned above you will need a great LinkedIn profile to help ensure your success but what else can help you stand out?

Your resume is your best tool and we recently covered how to create a great resume for nurses in a previous blog post.

You’ll also need reliable communication tools such as email and a reliable phone number for employers to contact you at. Feature both on your resume so potential employers will know how to contact you and respond within 24 hours after they have reached out about taking next steps.

Be punctual and professional when responding to help land that first interview.

Prepare Yourself

Be honest: Would you hire you based on how you are presenting yourself?

If the answer is no then you may need to upgrade your wardrobe with some appropriate interview clothes. You don’t have to break the bank in order to look right but you do need to look right. Depending on the situation there are different rules that apply.

This article outlines the different types of interviews you could face and explains what is appropriate for each.

Make sure you pay close attention to every detail. They even advise on the effects of wearing patterns vs. solids and the why it’s okay to show off with some color:

Red – Red is a bright, powerful color that conveys energy and passion. A pop of red (for example, in a scarf or tie) can convey just the right amount of passion without making you appear too emotional.

When interviewing your potential employer will be looking for any reason not to hire you so its important to pay attention to your appearance when trying to find that new job.

Prepare For the Interview

Now that you’ve got your resume ready and you have the wardrobe to match it’s time to make sure you’re prepared for the interview itself. This comes from putting in the time and effort to know your role and the company you’re speaking with. Here are a few tips to help you better understand your potential employer:

  • Check the website

    If the company doesn’t have any presence on the web that could (though not necessarily) be a flag to pay attention to. An absence of a website doesn’t mean the company is hiding anything but it is worth asking about when interviewing. Depending on their answer you could decide to pull your application.

    If they do have a website then take some time to review it. Read the history of the company, the recent blog posts, and if you can even the bio on who is interviewing you.

    Do your research and you’ll find your employer open up to you more for having shown the initiative to learn more about the business before you even started.

  • Check their social media

    We already talked about glassdoor.com but what other tools can you use to evaluate a potential employer? Any social media they have!

    Look at Facebook reviews, G+ reviews, and then look at their posts to see how the engagement looks. Are the comments friendly and helpful? Are they warning signs?

    If you have more questions you can even message someone who has reviewed or commented on a company to gain more insight. You can even check LinkedIn and direct message previous employees with any questions you have such as their reason for leaving or what to expect from the office culture. Don’t be too intrusive but do get informed beforehand.

    Read as much as you can and have key points to address during your interview. The more knowledge you demonstrate the more comfortable your potential employer will be with hiring you.

What’s Next?

If you ace the interview then you’re on to the next step with your potential employer.

If you had issues while landing and/or sitting for an interview don’t worry since only 2% of applicants on average actually get an interview. Keep trying and apply the methods above to help you along the way.

Need more help? Get in touch with our recruitment specialists and we’ll help you land that job you want any way we can.

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