Technical Engineering Recruitment – Healthcare Recruitment

We are a full service boutique recruitment company, which offers placement and recruitment services in two main sectors: Healthcare and Technical Engineering.

Technical engineering recruitment – We specialize in the permanent placement of engineers working in the Data storage, security, networking and Wireless/Telecommunications. We are one of the leading providers of customized staffing and recruitment solutions for  technical engineering talent. Connetics USA is committed to providing the highest standard of service in the technology recruitment industry. We are looking for strong candidates in data storage, data networking, security and wireless technologies.

Healthcare recruitment – We specialize in the placement of registered nurses and allied workers, both domestic and international candidates, throughout the USA.  Connetics USA is the recruitment source for job seekers to connect with an exciting healthcare career. We work with healthcare  employers from across the U.S. to match qualified domestic and international job candidates with the best nursing jobs and healthcare jobs in the country. Our healthcare job database is constantly updated with opportunities for medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals.

We are the best in recruitment:

We transcend brand because we know the power and importance of personalization.

We use technology; they are not consumed by it. We focus on getting results by direct interaction with potential employees and hiring managers.

We have created a quality base matched by few in this industry. Our record stands for itself, very few candidates have regrets about accepting a job and the short-term turnover is remarkably small. Hiring managers, too, are extremely content and pleased with their hires.